Is it possible to stand in a place where it’s not raining and see rain?

Say for example in a city, it’s not raining it all suburbs at the same time it moves from suburb to suburb so is it possible for somebody to be at the border of one suburb and another and see rain ahead and they are not getting wet at all 

If this is a riddle then yes, if you stand by the window in your house or on the balcony.

Yes. I’ve watched rain approach me before.

Yes, that is sometimes possible.

Yes- that happens all the time in Florida. It can be raining on one side of the street and not on the other. There are places where small, localized storms are more common. Also, when you’re driving on an open road, you can often see a gray area ahead where rain is falling.

I can stand in any room in my house and see the rain outside. I can look out of the upstairs windows and see the rain over the North Devon coast while I’m still in sunny Wales. It’s always sunny in Wales.

Answer 6

Yes if you’re over flat ground and a rain cloud is heading toward you, you can see the edge of the rain coming toward you, it you took a photo you would see where the wet ground joined the dry.ground

Answer 7

Well yeah, if you are driving & your wipers are on, then you have to turn them off, you just drove out of the rain, if the road is dry you could pull up, look back & see the rain.
It wasn’t raining where I took this photo.[email protected]/2364126…

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