is it okay to take melatonin and NyQuil together?

my gf took NyQuil about one hour ago and melatonin about ten full minutes ago. i’ve anxiety that she is she may overdose i’m sure its most likely unreasonable but nevertheless

Your stress is unreasonable. Melatonin is certainly not a sleeping supplement. Indeed, it generally does not cause people to rest, it just assists many people to make it to rest. It generally does not work with everyone else.
Using it with cool medication can do absolutely nothing bad.

It is good to just take melatonin and NyQuil collectively, so long as she does not surpass advised dose for just one.
Melatonin is a natural hormones within the body.

you ought to phone a pharmacist and get all of them that concern, i simply take melatonin myself and I also just take benadryl every evening with-it and im nevertheless right here,but used to do ask my medical practitioner about any of it before used to do that, pose a question to your gf if she requested the lady medical practitioner or a pharmacist about any of it, ideally it wont damage the lady, however if you are focused on it perhaps you should just take the woman to immediate attention

Very safe; the melatonin doesn’t replicate some of the components in NyQuil.
Absolutely nothing to concern yourself with.

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