Is it “lay on the grass” or “laid on the grass”?

will it be “lay regarding the lawn” or “laid regarding the lawn”?

in current it really is lying regarding the lawn nevertheless the last has myself stumped
“we set regarding the lawn all day”
“later we’d lay-on the lawn all day”
just what a crazy language

In framework: i am lying regarding the lawn. EDIT: we lie regarding the lawn daily. Currently yesterday, I became lying regarding the lawn. We lay-on the lawn yesterday. We have constantly lain regarding the lawn.
LAY: i’m laying my publications down today. I usually put all of them right here. Yesterday we set all of them right here. We have constantly set all of them right here.

this will depend, lay-on the lawn..means to put anything there
i set regarding the lawn..means we have done this previously
lay regarding the lawn is within present tight

In our its both put or lay. When it is one, usage lie
We take a nap for remainder in mid-day/ she is based on the sun/i am relaxing
However, if an item will be aside down, usage put:
I usually put the dining table for lunch / she lays the guide on to the floor/ I became laying the dining table as you’re watching television
however in yesteryear
We lay out/ she lay out
We set the dining table/ she set along the guide.

You have set regarding the lawn..

Answer 6

It Really Is “Lay”. Laid is generally previous tight.
Sample: Carry can lay-on the lawn in garden.
Carry set regarding the lawn as you’re watching the performers.
It surely will depend on what you phrase it. And everything indicate by using “Lay” and “Laid”.

Answer 7

We Laid Down

It’s lay-on the lawn

Lay…..I’m laying regarding the lawn


In current tight, its “lie” regarding the lawn. In current constant, its “lying” regarding the lawn. The real difference of verbs put and lie is:
Lay – the work of putting/setting at some point down. Sample: we put the container up for grabs.
Lay – their state to be in a horizontal place. Sample: we lie to my sleep.
Therefore the tenses the verbs tend to be:
Provide Provide Continuous Last
Lay to-be + laying Laid
Lay to-be + lying Lay

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