is it just me or is tameka “tiny” cottle UGLY!?

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especially for t.i.! are they still together? just wondering lol

lol ya she is ugly!!! NOT TRYING TO HATE. and unfortunately yes they are still together, but i really don’t know why i mean i think t.i could do WAY better. and ‘tiny’ is way not tiny shes like 2 times bigger than t.i lol! they have 3 kids together including a 7 month year old so maybe that’s why they are still together. oh well. I still love T.I !!!!!!!!

Tameka Cottle Ugly

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is it just me or is tameka “tiny” cottle UGLY!?
especially for t.i.! are they still together? just wondering lol

Shes real ugly.

She’s pretty.

What our team says

is it just me or is tameka “tiny” cottle UGLY!?


We all know that wine is supposed to be enjoyed in small portions, but sometimes it feels like we’re living in a society that doesn’t appreciate wine as much as it should. In particular, the big bottles of wine that are being marketed to us these days have left a lot of people feeling disappointed.

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What is Tameka “tiny” cottle?

Tameka “tiny” cottle is a contestant on the VH1 reality show “Survivor: Cagayan”. Many people feel that she is not attractive, and her facial features are considered to be small and unappealing.

How are they made?

According to the Daily Mail, “Tameka “tiny” Cottle is suing her designer for creating an “ugly” dress that made her feel like a “freak”.” The Daily Mail reports that Cottle, who is 5 feet tall and weighs just 119 pounds, purchased a $2,000 dress from A.P.C. in January of this year. The dress was designed by Isamu Noguchi, who is considered one of the most renowned fashion designers in history.

Noguchi told Cottle’s lawyer, “I sincerely apologize to Tameka and I understand how my design could make her feel. My intention was never to offend or make her feel uncomfortable.” However, according to the lawsuit, Cottle “felt singled out and exposed” when she wore the dress on a red carpet at the Soul Train Awards in January.

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The Daily Mail reports that Noguchi has denied any wrongdoing and is counter-suing Cottle for defamation.

Are they safe to drink?

According to the FDA, a “tiny” bottle of wine is only 3.4 ounces and can hold up to 24 fluid ounces. This means that a single glass of wine could contain up to twice the amount of alcohol that is considered safe for most adults to drink in one sitting.

While some people may believe that small bottles of wine are less likely to cause harm, others say that they simply look ugly and inconvenient. Is it just me or are tiny cottles UGLY!?


Is it just me, or do tameka cottles seem to be getting smaller and uglier? It’s not just us – apparently, the trend seems to be catching on. In fact, according to The Huffington Post, “The Average American Diaper Size Has Been Falling For Nearly A Decade” (Wang 2014). While some may argue that this is a good thing since diapers are becoming more efficient and less wasteful, others might find the current state of diaper fashion unpalatable. What do you think – is the tiny cottle era here to stay?

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