Is it illegal to sell stuff at school?

I mean buying things on amazon and selling for double profit. Ripoff. And will I get in trouble at school

Usually the school won’t allow any sort of business to go on at school, unless it’s school sponsored. And they can and will confiscate your merchandise and require your parent to pick it up, if you’re a minor. If you do this often enough, you can be suspended or expelled from school.

If you sell counterfeit items, that IS illegal, no matter where you sell it.

Most schools don’t want you formally selling stuff on school grounds. If you’re talking something like a university, they usually require an appropriate license to sell on their grounds.

And to sell counterfeit items is illegal no matter where.


many schools have RULES against such things at school. With good reasons.
Selling things and claiming they are REAL when they are not… now, you are getting into fraud, which IS a legal issue.

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Unlikely, but you would have to check with your principal. I know it isn’t illegal in BC, as my friend sold cans of coke for 1.50$ on rainy days when he bought them for 1$. Even the teachers bought them sometimes.

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What it is, how much of it you sell, to how many people and how often…

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Depends on your school?

Source(s): My death by black-market dealing.

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