is it good to run 3 miles in 40 minutes?

i know 40 minutes is a long time but i NEVER run or exercise or anything, but i want to. this is my second time running a distance like that at once. i’m 5’5″ and 112 pounds.

If you’re running 2 miles in 13:19 you’re running faster than an 8 minute mile. 13:19 divided by 2 = 6:39:50 per mile. That’s pretty fast!
You can tackle it from both ends. It’s best to vary between slow days and fast days. Slow days you run 5 miles at a pace. Start it off at 10 mins/mile one week, 9 mins/mile the next, 8 mins/mile the next, and 7 mins/mile the next.
At the same time, try running fast pace 8 mins/mile for 2 miles. Then 3 miles, then 4 miles, then 5 miles, then 6 miles. Somewhere along the line you should pick up the pace and run 7 min/mile on fast days. Fast days should be run twice a week and slow days 3.
Put a day of rest in the middle of the week and at the end. You need rest by the way.
Somewhere down the line the paths will cross and you’ll actually see faster improvement. At that point just pick up the pace however you like. Just remember not to injure yourself

It is definitely better than not running at all. A little faster rate would be better, but if that is the best you can comfortably do for 40 minutes it is good enough. You realize that you aren’t really going to drop any flab from just that one time though. Keep this up a few times a week and in a few weeks you should start to see and feel a difference.

Thats a respectable running time for running 3 miles without stopping.

while this post might be old I would like to say that I walk this distance (3 miles) in 42 minutes at a brisk pace everyday and let me tell you that that is no mean feat by any standard

well its a little slow, but what matters is that you did it. also, i cant imagine u have any flab whatsoever if thats wat you weigh.
if u wanna look more toned and sexier, u need to build some muscle strengh (sit ups, pushups, pullups, use dumbells and barbells…etc.)

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