Is it “daddy’s” or “daddies”?

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Like if something were to say daddys girl.

Daddies Girl

Put it in a sentence:
That’s Daddy’s little girl, Rosie; she’s a real Daddy’s girl. (possessive)
It was Daddies day at nursery, so all the Daddies came in. (plural)

And in answer to the other question:
That’s Daddy’s ___ (That IS Daddy’s ___).

It’s all about usage. The root word is “Dad” so the plural would be “Daddies” and the possessive would be “Daddy’s.” You would write “Daddy’s girl” because the girl belongs to (is the possession of) her Dad.

Source(s): My pet ᴘᴇᴇve is the misuse of appostrophes when a person intends plurality rather than possession.

Daddy’s girl, means it’s his girl (possessive)

Daddies is plural of “Daddy” as in “All the daddies like to bar-be-que on weekends.”

daddy’s = possessive
daddies = plursal

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daddies is plural – all the daddies had coffee.

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daddy’s is possessive: I’m daddy’s girl. (but I’m a boy…so)

Answer 7

It would be daddy’s…coz it’s possessive… Laila’s book…..and daddies is plural of daddy…..example: Their daddies had attended parents meeting…….

I swear to golly-gosh, if someone leaves another similar comment on this same subject in this thread that already has EIGHT comments, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m just gonna…! Well, I don’t know what I’m gonna!

its “daddy’s” , because ur saying something belongs to him, therefore you add the apostrophe s after the ‘y’ which tells people it is his property

it is Daddy’s
you can tell because it doesn’t look right and if you think of cards that’s what they put

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Is it “daddy’s” or “daddies”?

While it might seem like a trivial thing to get hung up on, the proper pluralization of the word “daddy” can be a controversial topic. Is it “daddy’s” or “daddies”? In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the word and its different uses today in order to come to a conclusion about the proper way to pluralize it.

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The correct usage of

“daddy” or “daddies” can be a difficult decision for some people. There are a few different rules that can help guide you in making the correct choice.

When referring to one father, the word “daddy” is always appropriate. You would never say “my dad” in this context, as it would sound strange.

If you are referring to more than one father figure in your life, you can use either “daddy” or “daddies”, depending on which sounds better to you. There is no wrong answer here, so just go with what feels right.

Keep in mind that using “daddy” for more than one person can come across as childish or immature, so use this term wisely. If you are unsure, it is always better to err on the side of caution and use “daddies”.

The etymology of

The word “daddy” is thought to come from the Middle English word “dade”, which was derived from the Old English word “dadu”, meaning “father”. The plural form of “daddy”, “daddies”, is thought to have originated in the early 1800s.

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Other terms for

In the English language, there are a variety of terms that can be used to refer to one’s father. “Daddy” is one of the most commonly used terms, but others include “da,” “pops,” and “father.” In some cases, the term “daddies” is also used.


So, what is the correct way to pluralize “daddy”? Is it “daddy’s” or “daddies”? Well, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, both are technically correct. However, they do note that “daddies” is more commonly used in speech than in writing. So if you’re ever in doubt, just go with “daddies”!

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