Is it correct to say ‘so much memories’?

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So many memories

A memory is a thing. You can have 2 memories, 3 memories, or many memories.

A house is a thing. You can have many houses.

You cannot have much houses.

Neither can you have much memories.



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Is it correct to say ‘so much memories’?

it is actually correct to say ‘so MANY memories’

So “many” memories.

So no. You’re wrong.

So many memories.

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We generally use “much” with uncountable things and “many” with countable things..

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Is it correct to say ‘so much memories’?

We all have memories that are special to us, but how we refer to them can be surprisingly contentious. While some people might say “so many memories” without a second thought, others might argue that it’s incorrect grammar. So who is right? Keep reading to find out!

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What is the difference between ‘memory’ and ‘memories’?

There is a big difference between ‘memory’ and ‘memories’. ‘Memory’ is a single recollection of a past event, while ‘memories’ are multiple memories of past events. For example, if you went on a trip to the beach with your family, you would have one ‘memory’ of that trip. However, if you went on multiple trips to the beach with your family, you would have multiple ‘memories’ of those trips.

How can you use ‘so much memories’ correctly in a sentence?

When you want to talk about a lot of memories, you can say ‘so much memories’. This is correct grammar and it sounds natural. For example,

I have so many memories of my childhood.

There are so many memories of her in this house.

We shared so many memories together.

What are some other ways to say ‘so many memories’?

There are many ways to say “so many memories.” Here are a few other ways you could say it:

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– So many happy memories
– So many wonderful memories
– So many cherished memories
– So many special memories


The short answer is no, it is not correct to say “so much memories.” The correct phrase would be “so many memories.” This is because the word “memory” is a countable noun, and therefore requires the plural form. When you use the word “much,” you are using an uncountable adjective, which can’t be used with countable nouns.

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