Is “I love you” different in French and Cajun? If it is, what is “I love you” in Cajun?

Cajun – Mi aime jou
French – J’adore [between lovers] or J’aime

The first answer you received is probably the best one you’ll get. My mother is from Acadiana, and I lived 11 of my adult years in Louisiana and all of my summers growing up there.
There are so many varying Cajun-French dialects that if you were to have 10 different Cajuns from 10 different areas in the state, you would likely have at least a few different answers – variations of one same thing. I think you can probably safely go with what the first guy said. It’s super early in the a.m. here, or I would call my Mother and ask her for you.

No idea about Cajun, sorry.
In French it would be
je t’aime (I love you) or je t’adore (I adore you)
“j’aime..” would only mean “I love..”

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