Is Danzo Obito? and is Tobi Madara?

Look at new shippuden chapter 455 before you give any answers!!!(I don’t like dumb random answers like yes or no…or NO YOUR DUMB THATS NOT POSSIBLE!)(give evidence as much as you can lol)

danzo is NOT madra we have already learned that tobi is, but i think there is a good chance he is obito. maybe someone froom root at the time found him and fixed him up with some jutsu that takes up his[obito/danzos] life[like graany chyos] in order to repar limbs ad such but it made him physicly older on the outside and now dislikes konoha because he feels like they adbandoed him while being crushed by that rock. thats my theory, if you have a better one post it.
we also did not see him die. we just saw the rocks collapse on him. theres a possibilaty that he survied

Tobi is Madara and Danzo is Danzo People would notice if Obito was alive especially friends and family. And Danzo is too old to be Obito. Danzo is around the same age as 3rd Hokage. He has also been with Konoha for a pretty long at least since Nagato was around 15 years . Someone would have noticed if he was somebody else.

Tobi is Madara Uchiha… if you actually read through the chapters it reveals it.
now Secondly it is very possible that Obito could be Danzo because Obito’s right side was crushed explaining danzo’s constant bandages and his right side sharingan. Danzo’s other eye is almost always closed and there’s no evidence saying that when Rin gave Kakashi obito’s eye she didn’t give Obito kakashi’s
thirdly if you look at Danzo and Kakashi you can see there sharingan are on opposite sides.
about the age thing with Obito and kakashi. remember Kakashi is fairly old himself.

Danzo isn’t obito neither uchiha madara. Obito would be around 30 years old and danzo is about 60 to 70. He can’t be madara because he has a normal sharingan and not a Mangekyo. Madara has also an eternal Mangekyo sharringan. Danzo’s eye must be a transplanted one because he hides it all the time, like kakashi to conserve chakra.
(unless Tobi switched his eyes a second time and gave one to Danzo lol) I think Tobi has both eyes and theres no ossibility that danzo could steal Madaras Mangekyo sharringan. Madara was able to control the nine-tailed beast and control pain who had the rinnegan so i don’t believe that ,even in his best, Danzo could steal even one of the Madaras eyes

Danzo is much older then Obito would be, and he still has left eye (Obito gave left eye to Kakashi). Obito is dead.
Tobi IS Madara, I think it was confirmed a long time ago. Tobi is a persona played by Madara.
There’s a thin possiblity that Danzo is Madara.

Answer 6

Just go with the theory that Danzo is Obito or that Danzo used Orochimaru’s jutsu to take over Obito’s body

Answer 7

yes danzo is obito…. we know that tobi is mandra. there is a 50 50 chance that danzo is tobi n obito. how can they steal each others eyes or things… they can but in the story no one mention or give hints.. so yea

yes danzo is obito thats why almost his whole left body is crushed just like obitos was and kabuto found him after he was left alone and fixed him up thats why he dosnt want kabito with that information as u can read in chapter 494

Tobi is madara for sure,why would he say he is madara if he isnt ?? Danzo…hmm.. I guess we will have to wait next chapter and see if danzo is obito ..


just like bara bara said about madara being tobi
but danzo has to be madara’s bro coz madara just said he died, but he could of lied!

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