is brundon a popular baby name?

Popular? No, but it’s not bad. In fact, it’s unique. I hear many Brandons and Brendans, however.

Most Popular Baby Names 1984

Wow, A LOT of trendy names on here with some um, interesting spellings…. Decent/nice names are: Clementine Willow (a bit too hippie for me personally, but cute) Sheldon Timothy Tyler Henry Eibhleann Francis Simon Edward Brody Ryan Garrett Daniel Justin Warren Breanna Esther Wyatt John

Brandon was one of the most popular baby names of 1984. In Night at the Museum 2, I think Brundon s real name was Brandon, but he was pronouncing his own name wrong, and then enforcing the mispronunciation. That was the joke.

Brendan and Brandon..but I’ve never heard of Brundon before, and don’t much care for it.

Answer 6

Brandon is moderately popular. Brundon is unheard of.

Answer 7

Never heard Brundon before.

I’ve never heard it before this. So i guess not?

i dont think so… Did you get this from Night at the Museum 2…the security guard guy?

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i dont think so… just the Jonah Hill s player name

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