Is Bono a U.S. citizen?

who is that?

Paul Hewson “Bono” is a citizen of Ireland, and has been all his life. He currently lives in Dublin, with his wife and four kids, which is also where he grew up. Bono also owns a villa in Paris, but Ireland is the only country he is a citizen of.

Source(s): “Bono: In conversation with Michka Assayas” (national best seller)

Bono needs to shut up and keep out of US elections. We don’t need his opinion especially since he is not a citizen of US. Go away! Take you B.S. Back to Ireland.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Bono is Irish and proud of it….lol…

I’m not sure. Sometimes he talks in a way that makes me think he might of become one, but I think the press would of made a huge deal about it and I’ve listened to U2 since “War”.

Answer 6

No way, he is an illegal immigrant and should be shot on sight. If anyone sees him please kill him immediately. The government has been after him for years but he keeps escaping. For those of you who dont know who he is…consider youselfs lucky.

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Answer 7

He was born in Dublin, but I believe he probably is a US Citizen.
I dont really care…but he;s songs are awesome.

who is Bono?

Irish I knew!


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