Is 128gb enough storage for macbook air for a college student?

I’m going to be a college freshman this fall, and I’m looking at getting a 13 inch macbook air with either 128gb or 256 gb. I don’t think I’ll be storing many songs or movies and I won’t be making too many videos, since I plan to major in one of the sciences (not positive though). I’ll be using my laptop mostly for storing word documents, excel, etc. Do you think 128 gb is enough for four years of college in this case, or is it worth spending the extra money for a 256 gb?

If you’re not storing many movies and such, or video games 128gb should be fine. Though if you do run out of storage external hard drives come cheap.
Just a quick tip though, Apple is insanely overpriced, you could get a gaming laptop with 500gb storage for the same price as a mac, just saying as college is usually tough financially.

Okay I have a 128GB MacBook Air and I do regret not getting 256GB for the simple fact that I’m always trying to keep my stuff to a minimum I have to store my photos on an external drive which is annoying because you have to carry it around when you have it plugged in
As long is your keeping things to a minimum and not downloading movies and have a knack for taking a lot of pictures and videos
You should be fine
(BTW it’s a wonderful portable laptop hope you enjoy it!)

As a college student, I have 128gb storage Macbook and I have no complaints. I use it for programming, I have here tools for programming, web design and it is enough for me.

128gb is plenty if you’re mainly going to be using it for documents like you say. Besides, you can store so much on the cloud like Google Drive or dropbox. My advice would be to get an external hard drive to back up your mac (will save you in case something happens to your mac) and you can dump your files on it to free up space on your mac. At the end of every semester I would do a backup and delete everything I didn’t need off my mac.
Hope it helps!

You will have access to iCloud and other cloud storage and will, of course, have a separate drive to keep a backup of all your work and so 128GB will be more than enough for your stated needs.

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Is 128gb Enough

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128..256…why are you saying all these tiny numbers. well if you really used it for nothing else except for research and paper writing..then 128 would be enough..

Yes, that is plenty.

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