In the writing process, which stage immediately precedes drafting?

1. A 2. D 3. C 4.A 5. A are the correct answers

contraction Explanation: GRADPOINT APPROVED

Answer 6

1. A 2. D 3. C 4.A 5. A are your answers

Business cycles have 4 phases 1.       Expansion-this is the period when business starts to expand 2.       Peak- this is the highest spot between the end of expansion and start of next stage contraction 3.        Contraction-in this period business struggles with its economy 4.       Trough- this is the lowest point in business cycle but it’s still possible to turn around from this point. so answer to your question is contraction is the stage that immediately follows a peak

The best prediction for the offspring of an XX female affected for an X- linked dominant trait  would be  an equal probability of inactivation, since the maternal and paternal X chromosomes have the same probability. However,  the occurense of this disorders in female is much lower than that. So, if the female generates female offpsring they would have a less chance of developing X-linked disorders than the male offspring. Explanation: The difference between the two genders odds happens because, 12 to 20% of genes on the inactivated X chromosome remain expressed, providing females with added protection against defective genes coded by the X- chromosome.  The time period for X- chromosome inactivation explains this disparity between genders. A female affected for an X-linked dominant trait would have about half or her liver cells working perfectly, which is typically enough to ensure  normal blood clotting. It could result in more dysfunctional cells. However, such statistical extremes are unlikely. Genetic differences on the chromosome may also render one X- chromosome more likely to undergo inactivation. Although inactivation is initially random, cells that inactivate a normal allele will eventually be overgrown and replaced by functionally normal cells in which nearly all have the same X- chromosome activated.

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Answer 7

A. Explanation: Conflict is a literary element in which there is a struggle between two or more opposing forces. It can be referred to as an argument between two characters or even a battle between a character and nature. Conflict usually takes place in the rising action of a literary work. And rising action is the second stage in the pyramid of 5 stages of play. The play begins with an exposition then comes a rising action in which the reader or viewers witness certain conflicts which leads to the next stage of the work, that is the climax. Climax is the peak point of a work in which the conflict reaches its height. At this stage, the work reaches the most tensed point. In short, it is the turning point in the literary work and many decisions are made at this stage. So, the correct answer is option A.

Rising Action Explanation: Rising action immediate follows conflict.

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= +3,394 103 m / s Explanation: We will solve this problem with the concept of the moment. Let’s start by defining the system that is formed by the complete rocket before and after the explosions, bone with the two stages, for this system the moment is conserved.
The data they give is the mass of the first stage m1 = 2100 kg, the mass of the second stage m2 = 1160 kg and its final velocity v2f = +5940 m / s and the speed of the rocket before the explosion vo = +4300 m / s
The moment before the explosion
      p₀ = (m₁ + m₂) v₀
After the explosion
      pf = m₁ + m₂      p₀ = [texpv_{f}[/tex]      (m₁ + m₂) v₀ = m₁ + m₂ Let’s calculate the final speed (v1f) of the first stage
      = ((m₁ + m₂) v₀ – m₂ ) / m₁
            = ((2100 +1160) 4300 – 1160 5940) / 2100
      = (14,018 10 6 – 6,890 106) / 2100
      = 7,128 106/2100
      = +3,394 103 m / s come the same direction of the final stage, but more slowly

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Answer 6

1. A 2. D 3. C 4.A 5. A are your answers

climax Explanation: i attached a image

Rising Action Explanation: Rising action immediate follows conflict.

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