In the word ‘claustrophobic’ phob is the

In term “claustrophobic” phob may be the a. suffix. b. affix. c. root. d. prefix.

In term claustrophobic, phob may be the root. The proper response is C. It can’t be a suffix, because suffixes tend to be included following the root, and right here, the suffix is -ic. Moreover it can’t be a prefix, because prefixes tend to be included ahead of the root, therefore right here the prefix would-be claustro-. It can’t be an affix, because affixes consist of suffixes and prefixes. Hope we aided! Cheers!

A Explanation: Took the test

In term “claustrophobic” phob may be the suffix.

In term “claustrophobic”, phob may be the root. The response to your enquiry is A. i am hoping that may be the solution which you were hoping to find and possesses aided you.

The solution is D. affix

Proper A). Root The area of the term that may never be divided is known as root term. In term claustrophobic ”phob” may be the root term. It could never be suffix as a suffix tend to be included following the root term. It can’t be prefixed because it’s included ahead of the root term. Right here the prefix would-be ”claustro” and suffix would-be ”ic”. It can’t be attached whilst includes both suffix and prefix. For this reason, appropriate solution would-be choice A.

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