In the song Throw some D’s by Rich boy what is D’s mean?

Street Ryda, i beilve you are right, and after 4 hours if no one proves you wrong your answer will be Best Answer,,Thanks..

throw some dubs on that

Ds means daytona rims. In the songs throw some d’s he is talking about his cadillac (Rich Boy sellin’ crack
Dope ****** wanna jack
**** tight no slack
Just bought a cadilac Then a voice in the background says “throw some d’s on that *****” meaning the cadillac, and d’s means dayton rims which are really popular on the west coast, partiocularly california. It has nothing to do with gang signs or dubs.
Even check this site for proof that i am not lying,…

He ability paint the vehicle do not ask he were given interveiwed and that is what he stated yet idk why they could makes a music on it he stated “throw some d’s on it ” telling someone to paint his vehicle so genuine astounding

LOL… Ds means rims…Just bought a Cadillac put some rims on it.
In the remix with Kayne when he says put some Ds on it .LOL He means to give a girl D breast implants…LOL

Duces. Its a gang sign where you make a peace sign(with ur thumb up too.) and throw it at a crooked angle.

Answer 6

It means put some Davacci rims on your caddilac

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