In the poem ‘hanging fire,’ what is the significance of the line ‘and momma’s in the bedroom with her door closed’ in terms of ‘holding

In the poem “hanging fire,” what is the significance of the line “and momma’s in the bedroom with her door closed” in terms of “holding back”?

A. She wants to talk to her mom about her worries and is hesitant to approach her. The poem “Hanging Fire” by Audre Lorde is meant to give us a glimpse into a teenage girl’s mind. The author jumps from one thought to the next in a desperate fashion. The thoughts seem unrelated and scrambled, but they are all concerned with topics that would worry a fourteen year old. The style is meant to give us the feeling of confusion and worry that is common among teenagers. However, at the end of each nervous train of thought, the girl notices her mother is in the bedroom with the door closed. It implies that she would like some help, and she would like to turn to her mother. But there is some slight difficulty, which is the closed door. However, the obstacle is not difficult enough to put her off the idea completely, which is why she keeps noticing it. This ambivalence leaves her in a constant state of hesitation, but she does not approach her mother in the end.

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She needs to converse with her mother about her stresses and is reluctant to approach her. The sonnet “Hanging Fire” by Audre Lorde is intended to give us a look into a high school young lady’s brain. Be that as it may, toward the part of the arrangement line of reasoning, the young lady sees her mom is in the room with the entryway shut.   Further Explanation:   which means of the poem hanging fire:   “Hanging Fire” is the title of the sonnet, and it originates from the language of weapon. Furthermore, by titling her lyric with a weapon representation, Lorde is cautioning us to the risk in this lyric. There’s a risk basic the speaker’s young tensions.     Kind of poem is hanging fire: Hanging Fire” is written in free section. It doesn’t have a standard rhyme plan or meter; it’s not written in a tight structure, for example, a sestina or villanelle. In any case, that doesn’t imply that Lorde’s ballad.   The saying hang fire come from: Hang fire alludes to a startling postponement between the activating of a gun and the start of the force. This disappointment was normal in gun activities that depended on open preliminary skillet, because of poor people or conflicting nature of the powder. Current guns are helpless moreover.   Subject: English Level: middle School Keywords: which means of the poem hanging fire, Kind of poem is hanging fire, the saying hang fire come from.   Learn more about evolution on:

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The poem is about the destruction that a child’s life can go through in the absence of a parent. It is an emotional poem which marks the emotional damage in a life of a child. The poet has highlighted the troubles during the period of adolescence. There are many problems which the poet is going through but the major problem is her mother’s absence in solving her problems. She finds the doors of her mother closed for her. She feels that no one is there for her and no one cares for her if she would die.

this story explains the proverb “small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly” and how anyone regardless of their size and appearance, can make a major impact in certain situations. this tale can teach your child to appreciate others and create a tendency in their minds.

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