in “the pardoner’s tale,” how does the pardoner use his story to accumulate wealth for himself? what does this say about him?

in “the pardoner’s tale,” how does the pardoner use his story to accumulate wealth for himself? what does this say about him?

First off his story emphasizes the greed of man; the irony is that he himself is completely greedy.

The pardoner admits that he gives sermons to people in order to profit from them and accumulate wealth for himself. Paradoxically, his sermons often discuss how lies and greed are grave sins. He also promises people cures and relics to get into heaven. This shows that the pardoner is a person with very loose morals, who is more interested in money than in the salvation of his soul. Moreover, it shows that he does not feel remorse in profiting through lies and deceit.

He sells people fake relics.

The Pardoner’s earnestness in portraying himself as totally amoral seems almost too extreme to be accurate. His boasts about his corruption may represent his attempt to cover up his doubts or anxieties about the life of crime all in the name of religion which he has adopted. It is possible to argue that the Pardoner sacrifices his own spiritual good to cure the sins of others. So this is what we can basically tell about him. Still, in schools it’s really bad to plagiarize so make sure to use everything I just wrote down in your own words. You can use and turn hard words to simple ones. If you need any help with English or Spanish you can let me know so I will help you. Also if you have any questions at all like for example: What is the purpose of life? What should I do with my future? Is evolution real? You can go to and find publications in your own language.

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The Pardoner accumulated his wealth by selling pardons, or promises of salvation. People would do bad things, and then maybe regret it because they fear the wrath of God and not being able to go to heaven after they die, so they go to the Pardoner to buy these pardons which erase their sins. Although this has indeed been done in reality, soon it became illegal and outlawed, so the Pardoner was basically a criminal who took people’s last penny just so he could become rich himself. It is quite ironic, given that he is a sort of a priest, and chooses to be vile himself.

By telling this tale, the Pardoner doesn’t want to hide his intentions – to trick people into giving him money. He openly admits that he is after their money, and will do everything necessary to make them pay for the false relics and the indulgences. His main message is that money is the root of all evil. So, even though he is greedy, it is still a sin that needs to be absolved. The Pardoner is a cunning person who relies on the power of stories to make people act in a certain way. People are afraid of the Last Judgment, and he knows that. People will pay for pardon, even though they know that they are paying to the sinner. He knows and takes advantage of that fact.

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