In the Disney Movie Aladdin, Is Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger Rajah male or female?

odd, i usually believed she had been FEMALE due to the scene discussed by ^ this individual. Jasmine has been difficult/stubborn additionally the sultan states “we forbid one to have daughters!” because he’s frustrated nonetheless it seems like he’s pointing/talking to Rajah…then Rajah discusses him like “why myself?!”… I suppose i shall need certainly to return watching it once more to locate any tips in the sex of Rajah.
EDIT: considering title “Rajah” i discovered that it’s a Hindustani term Prince or Male Ruler (King). The feminine form of “Rajah” is “Rani”… I believe the authors will have understood this and therefore chose to identify the tiger “Rajah” since they meant for him becoming a boy.

Rajah Aladdin

Male, because Rajah is a name that isn’t fond of women.

Tiger In Aladdin

Rajah is male

Answer 6

whenever Rajah has been converted into a kitten….the bad guy states, “down son.” Thus I believe he had been allowed to be male.

Answer 7

im guessing male bc the sultan states to him “i forbid u shud have daughters” whenever jasmine has been tough & rajah offers him the STRANGEST appearance.

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