In terms of food capture. which sponge cell is most similar to the cnidocyte of a cnidarian?

[choanocyte] with regards to meals capture, which sponge cellular is many like the cnidocyte of a cnidarian a. amoebocyte b. choanocyte c. epidermal cellular d. pore cellular age. none regarding the above 17 Sponges are many accurately referred to as a. marine predators b. marine filter feeders. c. freshwater s d. aquatic filter feeders age. aquatic predators scavengers ow lots of the after are traits of at the very least some people regarding the phy lum Cnidaria? I. a gastrovascular cavity 2. a polyp phase 3. a medusa phase 4. cnidocytes 5. a pseudocoelom a. one of these simple b. two among these c three among these d. four among these age. five among these 18. H 19. Which regarding the after will also apply to people regarding the phylum Cnidaria? They’re not effective at locomotion since they lack real muscle tissues. a. b. c. They truly are mainly filter feeders. They will have either, or both, of two human anatomy kinds: mobile polyps and sessile medusae. d. They might utilize a gastrovascular cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton. age. They truly are the most basic organisms with a whole alimentary canal (two spaces). The organ(s) of breathing gasoline change in oligochaetes is (are) a. the parapodia. b. the gills. c. skin. d. the guide lung area age. the pairs of hollow bristles. 20 Against which framework perform some circular and longitudinal muscle tissue of annelids work? a. bristles b. cuticle c. shell d. endoskeleton age. hydrostatic skeleton 21.
Q.17. Sponges are many
essential to keep their human anatomy area moist for gasoline change.
D [Marine filter feeders]
can be called marine filter feeders.
the soft pets in which their fluid-filled human anatomy cavity surrounded by
after are traits of at the very least some people of phylum
Response: Choice
The gastrovascular cavity may be the
Response: Choice
any certain breathing organ. The land residing oligochaetes it really is
capture, which sponge cellular is many just like cnidocyte of a
that people have actually cnidocytes.
All the sponges in other words. significantly more than
gastrovascular cavity, having both polyp and medusa phase of life
Response: Choice
Q.21. Against which
produce the force considering which water moves through sponges’
Q.20. The organ of
The hydrostatic skeleton can be found in
D [Four of these]
accurately referred to as
E [They may use a gastrovascular cavity as a hydrostatic
the muscle tissue.

having a protoplasm collar during the root of the flagellum. These
the breathing gases straight through their epidermis. They don’t have actually
B [The skin]
Q.19. Which regarding the after
main organ of food digestion and blood circulation in phylum Cnidaria. The
framework perform some circular and longitudinal muscle tissue of annelids
Oligochaetes (earthworms) change
[Hydrostatic skeleton]
99percent regarding the sponges based in the marine environment that’s why they

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