In Skyrim , Where is the Red Wave Safe located ?

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In Skyrim , (360) i have retrieved the key to the Red Wave safe but CANNOT find the safe itself ? PLEASE help meeee !

I’m assuming this is for the Thieves Guild *special* quest in Solitude given to you by Erikur. The chest is located underneath the docks, it’s in the water covered by some sand – should be easy to spot if you do a quick search.

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In Skyrim , Where is the Red Wave Safe located ?


The Red Wave Safe is a small, inconspicuous safe located in the city of Riften. In spite of its unassuming appearance, the safe is actually quite difficult to find, as it’s hidden away in a dark corner of the city. This article will provide you with some tips on how to locate the Red Wave Safe so that you can loot it for its valuable contents!

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The Red Wave Safe is a great place to store your valuables in Skyrim. It is located in the city of Windhelm, in the White Phial shop. The safe is very secure and has a lot of space, making it perfect for storing all of your important items. If you are ever in need of a safe place to store your belongings, be sure to check out the Red Wave Safe in Windhelm.

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