In roulette can you place a bet on red and black in the same spin?

Yes you can bet.


About seven years ago I witnessed an eighteen red run in Las Vegas. We were on holiday at the Venetian, part of a bit of a road trip (we’re not from the US and not regular or big gamblers).The human psychology was interesting – one guy was following the run and cashed out around 13, considerably richer. People were just coming and chucking hundreds on black (not even exchanging for chips) as the wheel spun and the dealer was struggling to keep up. Many many thousands went on the belief it would ‘turn black’ Of course these are mutually exclusive events, so it puts paid to the keep on colour doubling up theory. Very entertaining to see all the same. I doubt the casino would allow the same behaviour now…

A long time ago, my parents would get deals from casinos where they would get “funny money” that they could spend at table games. You would bet with this funny money on table games. If you lost they’d take it. If you won, they’d take the funny money and give you real casino chips in the amount that you’d won.
Anyway, many of the people who went on these trips would them would take their funny money to the roulette table and bet half of it on red and half on black. As long as they didn’t get unlucky and hit the green, they would be guaranteed half of their funny money would get exchanged for real money (usually they got $50 or $100), which they’d use to go buy dinner or whatever. That’s probably why the casinos stopped doing this.
That’s pretty much the only reason I could see anyone wanting to bet on red and black at the same time.

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If the odds are 2 to 1, If you bet 10 on red and 5 on black you either making $5 or break even. Multiplythat by 100 and your making 500 or breaking even. it’s called hedging, and my question is – are you allowed to do that?
Why wouldn’t you, if you know sooner or later red is going to pay off?

Answer 6

Yeah, the casino won’t mind a guaranteed win for them. They never have to pay, and they have a chance at winning both of your bets when it lands on one of the two green spaces.

Answer 7

you can place your bet on both, but since a bet on black or red only pays 2 to 1, you will always break even unless it lands on the green zero in which case you lose both, so there is virtually no point doing it at all. What is the point of placing bets on both black and red when you will never win anything

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Of course. Of course the next question would be “Why would you possibly do that”? You can at least toss your coins in the fountain or something.

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