In religious Studies, the word myth means?

In religious Studies, the word myth means?

Something that cannot be proven

The second option. A myth is just an entertaining story that often makes moral point. A religious myth is historically untrue (or has a flimsy basis in history). It is a story that reveals truth but not facts. Nobody wrote what we think of as history back in biblical days.

A myth is the ancient people’s way of interpreting events that happened around them. It is the pre-philosophical mind’s interpretation of reality. The way to appreciate them is not to test them against the logic of present-day known scientific facts for they observe their own set of logic, and in most cases they are originally first-hand accounts of actual physical or historical events.
For instance, ancient people saw a solar eclipse. Since, obviously they do not know yet the celestial mechanics of one heavenly body casting its shadow on another, they might interpret it as a divine being covering the sun with its hand.
Rather than treat myths in a disparaging or patronizing way, we should realize myth-making is not a pre-occupation of the ancients. Peoples from every historical period made their own myths. In our own time these are either called conspiracy theories or alien sightings.

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“A story that is psychologically meaningful and may be either historically true or not”
That’s closest to correct. More correct would be:
“A story that may be either historically true or not”

The Theory of Evolution.

Answer 6

The third answer is correct.

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