In luke havergal, what relationship has existed between luke and the speaker?

B. cause that is a great relationship.

A. They were sweethearts. Explanation: Luke Havergal is a poem written by Edwin Arlington Robinson in which the speaker tells Luke Havergal to run away, to go and search for the beauty of life somewhere else, and he might found her sweetheart there, in the nature, in the beauty of the twilight, the sepaker sends him to the western gate, where if he listens, she might talk to him, the speaker is tempting him, to kill himself in order to see again his beloved woman that passed away.

A. They were sweethearts.

According to the speaker, what is his sweetheart’s crime is BEING COY. This is his sweetheart’s crime because she is wasting valuable time. This is based on English Romanticism. Hope this answers your question. Have a great day ahead!

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