In Japanese, what does ‘kono mama’ mean?

that is operating myself outrageous. Utada Hikaru’s is it possible to maintain A Secret is “kono mama key” and M-flo wants LISA’s ending is “We gonna circulation kono mama” and I also cannot determine what kono mama suggests! I am aware kono suggests this but perhaps it really is various inside framework.

maybe not ‘mitai ni’
‘kono mama’ suggest ‘as it really is’.
hold problem, circumstance, condition or something like that.
konomama key = maintain the key
we gonna circulation konomama = we gonna hold circulation similar to this.
we’ll go away as it’s. (konomama motte kaerimasu)
contain the range, kindly. (konomama omachi kudasai)

Kono Mama Ja

Even though the idea is continual in Japanese, the particular English interpretation differs from framework to framework. Most often it will be “like this.”
“-mama” means maintaining one thing as it’s, without making any modifications or improvements. Like basically’m purchasing one or two products at a food store, and I also have no need for a bag, and cashier moves to begin bagging things, i really could state “Kono mama ha ii yo.”
edit: No…”mitai ni” is revealing similarity, or even make a move just like another thing. “-mama” expresses deficiencies in modification.

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Yes, you are about close to the interpretation your transcription is down. 「このままに、キミと会い喜ぶわけじゃない」 [Kono mama ni, kimi to ai yorokobu wake ja nai.] in which do you hear this, unless you mind my asking?

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we searched it in an interpretation plus it stated No suits discovered.

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this means hello I believe

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