In a molecule of calcium sulfide, calcium has two valence electron bonds, and a sulfur atom has six valence electrons. how many lone

Option (b) is the correct answer. Explanation: Chemical formula of calcium sulfide is CaS. Since there are two valence electrons in calcium and six valence electrons in sulfur. So, in order to attain stability, calcium will donate its two extra electrons to the sulfur atom. Therefore, calcium sulfide is an ionic compound. Thus, we can conclude that there will be only two lone pair of electrons in a calcium sulfide molecule.

0 Explanation: Calcium sulfide has molecular formula CaS. Calcium is a metal of group 2, and sulfur, a nonmetal of group 6, and they form an ionic compound, not a molecule. So, calcium will give 2 electrons to sulfur, so both of them will have 8 electrons in their valence shell. All these electrons will be in pairs, so there will be 0 lone pairs of electrons.

2 Explanation: Calcium is the element of second group and forth period. The electronic configuration of Calcium is – 2, 8, 8, 2 or There are 2 valence electrons of Calcium.
Sulfur is the element of sixteenth group and third period. The electronic configuration of sulfur is – 2, 8, 6 or There are 6 valence electrons of sulfur.
The Lewis structure is drawn in such a way that the octet of each atom is complete.   Thus, calcium loses two electrons to sulfur and sulfur accepts these electrons to form ionic bond.
Calcium sulfide, is formed when 2 valence electrons of calcium are loosed and they are gained by sulfur atom. Thus, the valence electrons are shown by dots in Lewis structure. The structure is shown in image below. From the structure, the lone pairs on the structure are: -2

Answer :  The number of lone pairs of electrons present in the Lewis-dot structure of calcium sulfide are, 4. Explanation : Lewis-dot structure : It shows the bonding between the atoms of a molecule and it also shows the unpaired electrons present in the molecule. In the Lewis-dot structure the valance electrons are shown by ‘dot’. The given molecule is, As we know that calcium has ‘2’ valence electrons and sulfur has ‘6’ valence electron. Therefore, the total number of valence electrons in = 2 + 6 = 8 According to Lewis-dot structure, there are 4 number of bonding electrons and 4 number of non-bonding electrons. In order to attain stability, the calcium metal will donate its two extra electrons to the sulfur atom. Thus, the calcium sulfide is an ionic compound. The Lewis-dot structure of is shown below.

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the answer is d. 4 hope this also the more points you give the faster your questions get answered

Answer 7

A. one B. two C. three D. four E. none The answer is D which is four  Ca has given up 2 electrons to sulfur with six which makes 8 e-, or 4 pairs. Thank you for posting your question here at I hope the answer will help you.

Idk becuase i am not in hight school lol sorry i think it is 3


The answer is four, Ca has given up 2 electrons to sulfur with six which makes 8 e-, or 4 pairs.

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