In a hurry to complete the experiment, Joseph failed to calibrate the spectrophotometer.?

In a rush to finish the experiment, Joseph didn’t calibrate the spectrophotometer. In consequence, all absorbance values for the usual options which might be measured and recorded are too excessive. How will have an effect on the next for the Check Options in Elements B and C?

You haven’t thought to present us adequate data to reply your questions, so I counsel it might be extra worthwhile so that you can do your individual homework.

Joseph is a dumbass. Nobody fails to calibrate a spec until you’re lazy. Fairly frankly, if you’re that lazy, why would anybody belief the remainder of your knowledge?
I would not.

Not finest that, nevertheless he additionally inserted Bible passages, and so they weren’t phrase for phrase! If he was going to, and that i have no idea why on the planet he would, then he would’ve put in the fitting wording in these passages.

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