I’m trying to fill out an application and it says “Please list all former/other names used.” what does that mean?

If you have used another name for yourself. For example, if your real name is Mark Kane but you have claimed Bill Davis as a former name-it is called an alias.

If you have been known by or otherwise used names other than your current name, you should provide them.

a woman lists her maiden name, if she’s married and uses husband’s name. Also names used while previously married. and if you had your name changed by court action, list prior name(s).

naturally, this is all covered by the certification of true and complete included in the fine print just above the signature line

Apparently some people go by different names, like ‘professional names’, stage names, married/single names, etc.

Years ago I worked through temp. agencies and I found that everyone in that industry used a ‘professional name’. I never knew why, except it’s a very sleazy business and perhaps people use false names to avoid getting sued.

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Years ago I began using a shorter version of my first name. Today my driver’s license, credit card, checks, etc. have that shorter name. When I went into business a few years ago I had to list both names on the license.

So that’s what they mean.

i was born in south arnerica so i have a spanish narne too, thats what they rnean

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Well, for example, if you married and took your spouse’s surname, you should list your pre-marital (maiden) name. If you changed your name legally, you should list your old name.

It’s really self-explanatory.

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Some people have had their names changed legally.

Some people have gotten married and changed their names.

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