Illustrator dimensions of this page are out-of-range problem?

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I want to save my file as a pdf and send it off to print but I cannot save it and the error that I am getting is that the “dimensions of this page are out-of-range.”

The maximum dimensions for a pdf file are 200×200 inches or 508×508 cm.

You can either send your printer the Illustrator file without converting to pdf if they can accept this or, so long as your document contains no raster images (ie photos or similar graphics from Photoshop), scale your artwork to say 50% and ask the printer to print at 200%. This will work fine for vector art as also suggested by Amy.

I think the size is the problem, this is just too big. Check with your printer about how to handle the file. If they can accept a native .ai file, then you can reduce the size and they can upsize it at their end. Also see what resolution they need. If it’s going to be viewed at a distance, then it can be reduced in size at your end, even as a .pdf, and they can resize it as needed, eve with a lowered resolution it will look fine.

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You won’t be allowed to create a PDF unless you go 199 or below.

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Illustrator dimensions of this page are out-of-range problem?


If you’re having problems with Illustrator dimensions being out-of-range, it could be because of your graphics tablet driver. If you’re using a Windows-based system, make sure that you’re using the latest driver from Adobe. You can also try resetting Illustrator’s preferences to see if that resolves the issue.



I’m having an illustrator dimensions of this page are out-of-range problem. I’ve tried changing the height and width but the problem persists. Can you help me out?


If you’re having trouble fitting your Illustrator drawings onto a particular page, there are a few things you can try. First and foremost, make sure the dimensions of your Illustrator files are correct. If they’re not, you may need to adjust the size or resolution of your file.

You can also try scaling down your illustrations or resizing them to fit more precisely onto the page. Finally, you can print out a copy of your file and crop it to fit on the page.

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We were unable to load the Illustrator file you referenced. Please make sure that the dimensions of your Illustrator document are within the range of our system. If you’re still having trouble, please contact our support team. Thank you for using GraphicRiver!

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