if someone places a line of salt along your door what is the meaning??

yesterday i found salt all along my sliding door in my kitchen and didn’t think anything of it but today i realized the there was a line of salt along almost all of the doors of my house even in the garage. I had visitors and i wanted to know if someone did this with a bad intention. please help if you happen to know of possible meanings for this. Thanks

a line of sea salt along doors and windows is to keep bad energies from entering the house, many people with bad intentions will feel very uncomfotable crossing a line of salt. seems like someone is trying to protect you, or they are just trying to freak you out. It depends on who it was who put the salt there. You should ask your guests what they know about it.

Salt is sometimes used to keep ants or other pests away but I don’t know of any curses related to salt, except the one about spilling salt being bad luck unless you throw some over your left shoulder.

Pagans will commonly mark all entrances to a home with salt to help ward away bad spirits and people with bad intentions. It sounds to me like either you had some well-meaning Pagans visiting you, or friends trying to tell you that you had a slug problem.

Salt has a crystal form, like quartz crystals like they used in
radios to catch radio waves. Some say salt repels bad spirits.
It’s also good for keeping slugs away!

Sweep the salt away and pour water over the area where the salt was. Salt is used in ritual magic and yours is crossing thresholds which is to be sure their magic works. The water will “magically cleanse the areas and purify them. Don’t be afraid … your fears are what helps their magic work, so just clean the salt off and go about your day.
Good Blessings Always, in ALL Ways!

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Actually, if this was done by someone unknown, chances are they summoned an evil spirit into your house and are keeping it in there with salt lines until it bonds to one of you living there. Chances are it has attached itself to you already.

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Doorway Definition

rock salt if used, with a scientific prayer on it of any religion, will drive
out enviousness and also bad spirits, it is proved to be a very effective
tool in spiritualism

it means “Lick it!” …if you find a candy along your door, then it means “Suck it!” this could be the only bad intention….. if not then it wasn`t done with bad intention because the salt is supposed to keep away bad spirits…


salt helps get rid of slugs they can not cross with out drying up

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