If I’m texting someone long Distance do I need to add the 1 in front?

Let’s say I live in southern arizona, wanna text someone in northern. we have different area codes, therefore it is long distance. do i need to add the one (1-928-xxx-xxxx) or can it just be (928-xxx-xxxx)?

No you do not need the 1.
The 1 is only used on a house phone where you have to dial each number one-at-a-time. Since you are giving the cell phone all the numbers before you tell it to send the message, it can figure out what the number is without the 1.
If you do use a 1, it won’t make any difference.

I’ve never had an issue with texting people who lived a while away so long as they were in the same country. I currently have friends who live in different states and family members who live on the other side of the state, and I can text them without putting the 1 in front of their number. if you’re worried about it, though, putting the 1 in front of the number isn’t going to hurt anything.

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Yes you need to add the 1 infront of it!

All cell service I know of does not require “1” but must input area code

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