If Earth were to warm up a bit, what would happen?

A)There would be a runaway greenhouse effect, with Earth becoming ever hotter until the oceans evaporated (as may have happened on Venus).

D)Carbonate materials would form in the oceans more slowly, the atmospheric CO2 content would increase, and the greenhouse effect would strengthen slowly over time.
When water temperature increases, it can contain less CO2.

why do people believe this global warming stuff,just because the earth is going thru a phase that the earth is heating up a bit doesn’t mean its caused by fossil fuels,the earth goes thru temperature changes all the time

Really, it’s unknown.
Some scenarios are very bad indeed (athough they probably would not kill all humans) some are not so bad. It all depends on poorly-understood feedback mechanisms.

No one knows. This is a Global Warming question which should be posted in the Global Warming Topic.
This is the Astronomy Topic.

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