if a girl says she has a boyfriend is that total rejection?

should i stop talking to her,i dont want to stop talking because of that.

Maybe she likes you and is just keeping her guard up until she gets to know u better by saying she has a boyfriend. If that is the case then I suggest u hold on and just wait and see. Good Luck~

Well you shouldn’t completely stop talking to her…
you should only talk to her as a friend though…
because that sorta will be getting in the
way of the relationship she has…
and if you really like this girl you would want her to be happy
with who ever even if its no you…
its better then her being sad…
well hope i helped…=)

That depends what your after. If your just after a friend then no don’t stop talking to her. I know tons of girls i work with who have husbands and boyfriends, i talk to all of them.

No, you don’t have to stop talking to her just because she has a boyfriend. I had several friends who had boyfriend and they ended up married the boyfriend’s friend.

You I think so it’s usually means I’m taken get lost end of story lol some girls say they have a boyfriend even when they don’t say they don’t have to reject you themselves.

Answer 6

continue to talk.
never stop cuz thats just like giving up
and giving up doesnt give you ANY chances while you can have some.
it is a rejection but not a TOTAL one.
you never know what she is gonna do after breaking up
so just wait i guess.. and good luck

Answer 7

I would not say it is total rejection. but if she says that she has a boyfriend then i would just let her go

You should be able to tell if she’s not into you. Was she firm and motherly when she said she has a boyfriend? Or did she act like she was stuck in a problem? If problem did she seem sorry for herself or you? If you, then that’s not good.

You should keep talking to her she might realize she likes you more.
but you shouldn’t majorly flirt with her. that would just make you a home wrecker.
you should at least be friends at least until she breaks up with her boyfriend for you haha!…maybe you will just have to wait and see.
and plus if her boyfriend breaks up with her or cheats on her or something then you can be her shoulder to lean on


i don’t think you need to stop talking to her but if she says she has a boyfriend, i wouldn’t be all over her….it is generally an indication that it’s not gonna happen between you and her.

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