I own a Western Hemisphere generator. Where can I find parts for it?

Techumseh 357cc engine. 7500 watts. Vertical mount. Looking for gas tank (7gal.)

in the western hemisphere

For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awp0L

There is not one sentence, verse or anything else in the Bible which specifically mentions the “new” world (North and South America). What is in the Bible leaves alot to interpretation and depending on who is doing the interpretation, you will get different answers to this question. One other verse that has not been mentioned elsewhere in any of the answers yet given, and I’m paraphrasing this now…Jesus said something to the effect…”Other sheep have I and I go now unto them” or something like that…Which could mean other people in other places on earth, or it could simply mean to the next town or country. Mormon’s believe that a family left the middle east and traveled by boat to what is now the northern part of South America, and the verse I paraphrased means that Jesus was coming to this continent to preach to them. They also believe that the Native Americans as we now them are the remnants of a once mighty and widespread civilization (decendents of those who traveled here by boat) known as the Lamanites. This fits somewhat with the facts that the oldest “ruins” in the “western” world are in Central and South America, not in the north where you would expect to find them if the Native American’s all migrated from Asia via a land bridge across what is now the Bering Sea. And don’t forget the Bible as we have it today has been translated multiple times from different languages, and we have NO gaurantee that what we have to day is what was originally written…We have to use a little faith and ask for help when we read it….

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I have jap scooders and have no problem getting parts .try Techumseh.com and see what might happen.I have a techumseh engin on my generator ,I bough a 5 gal. can from walmart works just fine

Fore the gas tank, you might try Techumseh:

For the generator parts go here:

Good luck

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