“I just got back home from work” is that proper grammar and commonly used?

Please help

There is nothing wrong with the grammar, but in the US we would more commonly say “I just got home from work.”

I Just Got Home Now

I think most Britons would also omit “back”, Simply say “I have just got home from work”. Note the addition of “have” for Britain – Americans would omit “have”.

I just got home from work

if you’re on answers every day, your entire grammar and punctuation should be improving…unless you’re one of those peoples that are too lazy to spell words and just use two to three of the letters of the words, or add the letter Z to the end of the word…..

Answer 6

Yes to both questions. You can also leave the ‘back’ out but both ways make sense.

Answer 7

I HAVE just got home from work.
Use home or back, not both.

This sounds like a response declarative sentence. Very fluent, Good job!

Yes & yes

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I’ve just got in from work.

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