I have orientation for UPS driver helper?

How long is the orientation how should I dress and when do I start the job?

it usually takes about 3-3.5 hours. You sit in a room with about 10 people and the HR guy tells you what its all about. You watch a couple videos on how to do it but if you still have questions it is ok – when you start working with the driver you will pick it up. Dress casually – jeans and a sweatshirt is fine. It also depends when you will start based on their needs. They may want you for 3 hours per day in mid-Nov but then 6-7 per day in December. If you work with one driver and they like you they will just call you every morning rather than having you call the office and get set up. If you start working with a different driver every day and never the same person then you probably arent working hard enough or something. Also – dont forget your forms of ID or whatever they asked you to bring or otherwise youll have to come back with it.
If you want to sound smart ask the HR guy if you are allowed to put packages in mailboxes, because it is kindof important and they usually fail to mention that. (UPS is not allowed to use mailboxes)

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