I have a 05 Nissan Sentra why did it cut off/dashboard light up at a red light?

I happened to be at a red-light with my radio blasting.. the next thing i am aware vehicle had hopped, it cut-off but most of the lights in the dashboard had illuminated up. The reason why achieved it do that? My vehicle is a classic 05 Nissan Sentra

The motor stalled for factors we can not identify from your own post. Have actually a mechanic view it.

Your car or truck stalled (the motor stop working) while the lights take due to the fact secret is within the upon place which is typical.  Perchance you go out of fuel or perhaps the gasoline pump stop or the crucial detectors were unsuccessful or perhaps the vehicle overheated.  Obtain the vehicle towed if you won’t begin once again.

We can not inform you the reason why the motor STALLED since there might be many and varied reasons,but whenever that occurs it really is typical for several for the caution lights to illuminate. It’s no not the same as whenever you turn the ignition to ‘on’ prior to starting the motor. Some individuals call all of them “idiot lights” permanently explanation.

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