I found a ring stamped 18k gersc, Is it a real diamond ring?

I don’t think the stamp gives that info. 18k stands for 18 karat gold. The GE tells you that the ring is made from another cheaper metal that has been plated/coated with a thin layer of the 18 karat gold- GE stands for “gold electroplating”. Not sure what RSC stands for, maybe the company that made the jewelry? It’s not related to the stone as far as I know though.
Maybe take it to a jeweler, they can tell you if the stone is really a diamond and how much the ring would be worth. Probably not a whole lot though.

This Site Might Help You.
I found a ring stamped 18k gersc, Is it a real diamond ring?

I know this is from 4 years ago…however,hopefully this will still help someone else with a similar question… I believe the stamp means the following…18K GE means, as stated above, 18 karat gold electroplated and the RSC most likely stands for the R.S. Covenant jewelry company. They have existed for decades and are one of the largest whole sale jewelry companies out there. Their website offers jewelry programs to retailers, offering rings that retail for no more than $55.00. So the stones in the ring you found are undoubtedly very good cubic zirconia…

I have my doubts on getting a real diamond for less than 75$

This is the need to identify!

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