‘i can’t pretend that i shall ever like him,” said the lawyer. ‘i don’t ask that,” pleaded jekyll, laying his hand upon the

Character vs. self-explanation: Because Utterson did not genuinely wish to pledge Jekyll but he made it happen anyhow.

Character Vs. Self-explanation:

proper response is personality vs. self

the solution is C

The right response is personality vs. self. Explanation: Utterson is within a scenario in which he’s got to pledge to safeguard Hyde if Jekyll dies.
Initially, Utterson does not want to protect him since he’s got heard awful reasons for having Hyde and desires to ask more info on the situation, but Jekyll does not want to speak about it.
Utterson eventually guarantees to help keep the vow to safeguard Hyde, even when that  goes against just what he desires.

Answer 6

Character vs self since he had been sighing and keeping right back their emotions

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