I am really wanting to get “beautiful mistake ” written in sanskrit as a tattoo,?

I can’t find it anywhere for the life of me!! Can someone please help!? every website i have looked at lwas No help at all.!..

sanskrit is a compilation of many different languages, due mainly to the fact it was a spoken language (before writing). If you were to pick a phrase such as “beautiful mistake” it would look completely different just depending on which professional you were to ask. it would also depend on which religion the person you were asking was, as buddhism, jainism & hinduism all follow their own version of sanskrit. Writing was not introduced to India until after Sanskrit had evolved into the Prakrits. when it was written, the choice of writing system was influenced by the regional scripts of the scribes. Therefore, Sanskrit has no native script of its own. virtually all of the major writing systems of South Asia have been used for the production of Sanskrit manuscripts. Since the late 19th century, devanāgari has become the standard writing system for Sanskrit publication, most likely because of european practice of printing Sanskritic texts in this script. Devanāgari is written from left to right, lacks distinct letter cases, and is recognizable by a distinctive horizontal line running along the tops of the letters that links them together. Devanāgari is most likely what you are referring to as sanskrit for your tattoo & if i were you thats what i would look up and use… i hope this has helped

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