How would you change ‘my biology test’ to make it parallel with ‘completing my homework’?

That would be: “my homework completion.” 

To make this two sentences parallel you should add more words to “my biology test”, the parallel structure uses the same pattern of words and it also has to match tenses. The correct addition is “Studying for my biology test”, this way the two sentences are parallel using the same grammar in the same structural form.

by adding “studying for” to the beginning

by adding “studying for” to the beginning

The correct answer is by adding “studying for” to the beginning. A parallel construction means that the same form of a word is used throughout a particular sentence. Since we can see that the latter part is ‘completing my homework,’ it would be good to add a verb to the first part as well, in order to make the sentence parallel. By adding ‘studying for,’ we’ve added the same form of a verb (ending in -ing).

Answer 6

Adding “studying for” because then it would have the same ending sound as “completing” which is the goal for making a sentence parallel.

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Are there any answer options? I’m having a hard time understanding the question as well.

Studying for my biology test and completing my homework is parallel because it begins with a verb in the gerund form and then specifies what exactly they’re doing afterward.

The answer to your question is C

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