How were the fayum portraits, a type of roman funeral painting, made?

How had been the fayum portraits, a kind of roman funeral portray, made?

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Encaustic on wooden panel

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encaustic on wooden panel

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C) Encaustic on wooden panel Hope that helps

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Please clarify as a result of I’m confused

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The proper reply is C. Fayum portraits had been manufactured from encaustic on wooden panels. Rationalization: The Fayum portraits are the fashionable designations of a type of practical painted portraits on wood tables hooked up to mummy sarcophagi from Greco-Roman Egypt. They belong to a type of face portray, one of the vital extremely regarded types of artwork within the classical world. Actually, the Fayum portraits are the one work from this custom which have been preserved for posterity in giant numbers.   They had been made in encaustics on a wood panel and hooked up to the deceased mummy. A lot of the portraits originate from the Egyptian metropolis of Fayum, in what was then a Roman province, the place the nice and cozy and dry local weather has preserved the work into trendy instances.

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