How to you get a vhs tape out of a tv-vcr combo?

again, this is stuck inside a tv-vcr combo. the vcr no longer works and the tape is stuck in there b/c the buttons no longer respond to ejecting a tape. we still use the television every day. any advice on how to get it out appreciated

Robert’s right – you need to take the cover off the machine and carefully free the tape. Even if the tape hasn’t snarled itself inside the machine, you wouldn’t believe how convoluted the tape path is in ‘normal’ operation. Good luck with it!

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My vhs tape have been given caught interior the vcr and that i positioned my hand in and form of tried to drag it out then i could no longer then I grew to become it on and positioned my hand in there and virtually have been given my finger caught, yet i grew to become into able to get the tape to eject and it pop out and it is okay now. i do no longer understand in case you ought to do this or no longer be careful in case you do.

Remove the top of the combo

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