How to write a TOK Essay

Theory of Knowledge Essay or as we know it in the abbreviated form TOK Essay are essays that are generally required for an IB diploma program. IBDP or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a Pre-University program; that is specially designed for students to provide a standardized worldwide education before entering the world of Universities. This program provides a lifelong practical learning experience.

IBDP certainly has some advantages making it a widely accepted curriculum around the world. This study curriculum includes many benefits few of which are mentioned below :

  • It makes a student a lifelong learner.
  • It produces unprejudiced and broad minded thinkers.
  • It enhances the creative and inventive perspectives of a student.
  • It provides a high acceptance rate.

TOK essays tend to aim to give information about the nature of knowledge, areas of knowledge, and how to claim knowledge. Usually, the TOK is divided into two parts: 1) The written theoretical part, 2) Oral presentation and explanation of the same. The word count for a TOK Essay is usually between 1200-1600 words in length including the conceptual title. The title and the introductory part of the essay should be intriguing to grab the attention. The essay mainly includes the methods of acquiring knowledge and a thorough explanation of understanding. Below are a few tips to write a TOK Essay :

  • To take cognizance of the arbitrary topics
  • Selecting the topic and title prudently
  • Attentively reading the essay’s instructions
  • To take cognizance of the grading criteria and terminologies
  • Conceptualizing ideas for the Essay title
  • Presenting the point of view with open end conclusions
  • Final check of the essay before the presentation
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1.To take cognizance of the arbitrary topics

Looking at the topics and taking cognizance of their relevance is the primary step. Thinking about the topics and making them clear in the mind is very important. Repetitively looking at the topics and increasing the familiarity with the topic can guide the mind to be clear about it and think critically about the topic. Panic and fear are normal while doing so, as there are various choices and one needs to be extremely clear about them. But completely focusing and acclimatizing to the titles is the first and foremost step for writing a TOK Essay.

2.Selecting the topic and title prudently

After completely weighing down all the titles and their relevance, the next step is to select the title with utter prudence. One should be completely familiar with the topic and also that should fall under the area of interest to choose the title part a little trouble-free. One should re-write the topic several times to be utterly sure of the choice that one has made.

3.Attentively reading the essay’s instructions

Noting the keywords contained in the title of the essay and also understanding the instructions provided along with the topic is extremely important. One needs to carefully check whether the criteria is asking for evaluating or assessing or interacting. Everything is guided by the experts; it is just that one has to carefully understand and then react and start working on the title.

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4.To take cognizance of the grading criteria and terminologies

There are four assessments through which the essay is graded or the terminology which one needs to keep in mind while composing the essay namely :

1.Understanding knowledge issues

One needs to make sure that the essay targets and focuses on the knowledge issues, shows comparative studies between at least two of them, connects and finds relevance between two or more knowledge issues, thus comprehending the knowledge issues in an elaborative and creative manner.

2.Knower’s perspective

Knower here represents the student or the person writing the essay. One needs to have complete knowledge of the issue one is representative and also one should thoroughly examine the facts before including them in the essay.

3.Understanding areas of knowledge

Under this segment, one more term “areas of knowledge” comes into the picture. There are six different subjects under areas of knowledge namely Natural sciences, Human sciences, Mathematics, Ethics, and Art and History.

4.Analyzing knowledge issues

One needs to present the insights, arguments, issues, and key points about the selected topics. One needs a factually correct, relevant, and applicable essay. Using all these one also needs to cite relevant real-world examples to explain the essay topic thoroughly.

5.Conceptualizing ideas for the Essay title

Conceptualizing ideas for the Essay title or brainstorming certain more ideas before diving into the essay is very much important. One can create a basic form of the title first, then give it deeper layers after brainstorming a little to come out with a final draft. TOK essays are usually competitive and also should be reflecting the deeper, analytical and overall idea of the title and the topic. Before diving into the core, part one needs to prepare many rugged drafts which include all raw and primary ideas which run through the brain while the initial drafting stage of the topic.

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6.Presenting the point of view with open end conclusions

TOK Essays are usually made on a debatable format and are open for questioning, explorative, corresponding, and are also wide open for all sorts of discussions. One should not provide an edgy, definitive, rigid, and unaltering opinion or closure to one’s TOK essay as TOK essays should always be open-ended, always having a scope of discussion and alterations and balanced.

7.Final check of the essay before the presentation

The final check of the essay before the presentation is also one of the most crucial steps before the final presentation of the essay. One should re-read the essay several times to be more clear about the conceptualization, grammatical errors, spelling errors, inclusion of key termonologies, and all the statements, arguments, counter-arguments are up to the point.

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