How To Use Mind Maps for Studying?

How to use Mind Maps for Studying? Mind maps are one of the note-taking methods used by the students mainly. The mind maps are made by the person in which the topic is being written in the center and around it, the whole lesson is being explained on a single page. We can also say that it basically looks like a knowledge tree that has branches and sub-branches. This article will guide the student on how they can use mind maps for studying. 

How To Use Mind Maps for Studying?

The following are some steps describing to the student how to use mind maps for studying.


Firstly the student needs to rotate the page and write the topic at the center of the page. 


Make the key branches that are related to the central topic. The branches should be made by using different colors so that they can easily be differentiated and look clean and attractive. 


The student should make the sub-branches that are representing the key branches so that the topic is being explained deeply. They can also use the diagram and pictures at the sub-branch level. 

The time taken to complete the mind map would be at least 10-15 minutes

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Why is mind mapping considered to be effective for studying? 

The following are the points showing mind mapping is effective for the student during studies:

  1. Mind mapping does make the students connect their previous knowledge to new topics. It is basically used in higher education which helps the students to create meaningful learning by connecting the learning and knowledge they have learned before with the latest knowledge. 
  2. Mind mapping helps the student to memorize the topic as our brain store things fast and don’t forget it when the information is being stored in the form of key points, diagram, and pictures, and mind mapping is used more are there making and working similarly making the information to be stored or absorbed by the brain easily. 
  3. The process of re-reading the whole topic or listening to the lecture, again and again, is time-consuming and less effective than mind mapping as it is an active learning technique in which the information of the topic is needed to retrieve by the brain. 
  4. A survey has declared that mind mapping helps the student to boost up:

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  • 16.7% of the respondents have said that using mind mapping saves their 7+ hours/week. 
  • Another  30.7% said that it saves them 3-7 hours/week. 
  • And 41.4% said that it saves them 1-3 hours/week.

Through mind mapping, the student has improved their understanding levels whether the topic is easy or complex. It makes the student learn the topic with clarity and efficiency. 

Mention the various tips for making a perfect mind map

The following are the points that students should take care of while creating mind mapping for studies:

  • The branches should not be written in complete sentences. 
  • The mind map should be written by using as many diagrams. 
  • Use a maximum of 2-4 words to Explain the branch and sub-branches of the mind map. 
  • The student should write the key points only rather than explaining them. 
  • Make the mind map attractive so that learning builds interest in them.

What is mind mapping software? 

The below-mentioned software is some mind mapping software used for studying:

  • Miro
  • Mindnode
  • Mind vector
  • Popplet
  • Mindly
  • Simple mind
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This application can be accessed from anywhere using the web which is free to use, and it consists of 100 templates that can easily be used for creating amazing mind maps. And it can easily be shared with other team members and they can also edit and comment on the mind map. 


The mind node application costs 10$ for the person who uses it on IOS but not on Android devices. It makes the person make the mind map easily with no confusion.

Mind vector

Mind vector is software that is free to download and if the user wants to use it for the unlimited creation of a mind map that needs to access for $10.the mind maps can be created using different colors and we can also add the background image in the mind maps which is not present in other apps commonly.


This software is generally used for school or work. The applications are best for younger students. For access, there is a need to buy it for IOS for $5.

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What is the difference between mind mapping and note taking?

Mind mapping

For learning about the topic the student needs to remember the key points.

The branches and sub-branches are used to connect and build relations between the topics.

The students go through mind mapping and for the brain, it is easy to process.

For making the mind mapping of the student less time is invested.


In note taking the student needs to study the whole sentences and the paragraphs to revise the topics.

There is no coordination between the topics that are being written.

The note-taking process is difficult to process for the brain.

The time invested in making note-taking is more than mind mapping.


Mind mapping makes revising and learning the topics required to be easy, active, and efficient. Mind mapping also makes studying interesting and fun. The Students should use mind mapping so that they are able to learn the concept properly and in detail.

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