How to respond flirty and cute when a guy texts you and says “we should hang out sometime” ?? i more questions?

When a guys says “we should hangout sometime” how does a girl respond all flirty?

just say something simple like “yeah that’d be fun :)” something simple is better because it doesnt make the guy think your extremely excited, but at the same time it lets him know that you are cool with hanging out with him. you dont want to seem too into it right away incase he likes more of teh girls who play hard to get. good luck!
answer mine on my page?

OK… I read you answer to the link, and even answered your faith healing question.. so I read that question and here is my two cents (not that it is actually worth two cents!!!) First, I know you are a teacher and my spelling and grammar probably kills you — but hey… that is my bad! I learned how to type and spell in school and I don’t use it now – – I know better but for some reason when I am on the computer everything I learned went out the window. So I appreciate the *little* reminders.. they always make me smile. Second, I don’t think you have any contempt towards Christians. If I personally, as a Christian, thought you didn’t like us… well you wouldn’t be in my contacts and I just wouldn’t answer your questions. If I thought you “crossed the line” I may send you a email about it and say — hey whats going on… your question seemed a little….. did you have a bad day or did I miss something.. BECAUSE, I have never seen you ask a mean, hateful, contemptful question. And I would want to make sure that noone hurt your feelings, and if they did I would want to try to make it right. And finally, why the drink question… maybe cause it is St. Paddy’s day and they want you to be happy?? (ok probably not.. but it was worth a shot )

your over thinking things just chill out and be yourself
no one like someone who tries too hard

you could just say yes

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