how to make a smeltery in minecraft?

As part of your Minecraft world, you may have come across a place called a smeltery. What is a smeltery, you ask? If you guessed that it’s a place where you can make your metal items, then you’d be right! In this article, we will show you how to make a smeltery in Minecraft using just a few simple ingredients. Not only that, but we’ll also teach you how to use the smeltery to create all sorts of metal items, from tools to weapons to armor. So get ready to build some serious hardware in Minecraft with our guide!


Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to build what they want, where they want. To create something in the game, players must first find the appropriate blocks and items. One of the objects that players can create is a smeltery. To make a smeltery in Minecraft, players will need:(1)A furnace. (2)Iron ore. (3)Gold ore. (4)Redstone dust. (5)Block of TNT (optional). First, place the furnace in the desired location. Next, place the iron and gold ores in the furnace. Add enough redstone dust to cover the ores. Finally, place the block of TNT on top of the redstone dust. The smeltery should now be operational!


In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a smeltery in Minecraft. This is an essential crafting item for making many different items, including iron and steel. If you don’t have a smeltery, you can make one by following these instructions.

1) Start by building a simple platform in the middle of your map. Make sure that it’s at least 4 blocks high and 4 blocks wide so that you have plenty of room to work.

2) Next, build a wall around the platform using either blocks or sticks. Be sure to leave a doorway open so that you can get in and out.

3) Now add four more blocks to the top of the wall and use them to create a roof. This will help protect your smeltery from rain and snow.

4) Inside the smeltery, add some more torches if you want (we didn’t bother with them). You’ll also need a furnace (or two), anvils, and some coal or wood (or both).

5) Start by placing your furnace(s) inside the walls of the smeltery. Make sure that they’re close enough to each other so that they can heat up quickly, but far enough apart so that they don’t damage each other. Add as much coal or wood as desired to the furnaces before turning on the fire switch (you may need to reset your game if your furnaces are quite different sizes

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How to Make a Smeltery in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that allows you to build anything you can imagine, from grandiose castles to humble huts. One of the more interesting things you can make is a smeltery. A smeltery is a furnace used to produce metal bars, which can be used in various recipes.

To make a smeltery in Minecraft, first, find an ore vein. This can be done by mining it or using your pickaxe on any other blocks that are adjacent to the ore. Once you have found the ore vein, dig down until you reach the metal block. You will need at least one block of obsidian outside of the smeltery for lava generation (more on this later).

Next, build a wall around the metal block and put some blocks of obsidian on top of it. You will also want to place some torches inside the wall so that the metal oxidizes correctly. Place anvils and iron bars near each side of the smeltery and fill them with iron ingots or blocks (you will not need these while generating lava). Finally, place a block of coal next to each iron bar and set your furnace on top of it.

Now you need to generate lava. To do this, first, use a bucket full of water on one side of the furnace and then use a tinderbox on another side. The goal is to create two pools of lava: one next to the anvils and one next to the coal

How do you make a smeltery mod in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, smelters are a very useful tool. They allow you to extract ores and other materials from their ore blocks. The way a smelter works is by depositing the material to be smelted in the bottom chamber, then heating it until the ore block breaks down and the metal falls out. There are a few different ways to make a smeltery in Minecraft. One way is to use anvils. Anvils work just like normal blocks and can be placed on any surface. To use an anvil, first place the ore block into the bottom chamber, then place the anvil on top of it. Now hit the “use” button on your keyboard to start using the anvil! 

Another way to make a smeltery is to use a furnace. Furnaces work just like regular blocks and can be placed on any surface. To use a furnace, first put the ore block into the top chamber, then put the soul sand or charcoal into the bottom chamber. Now hit the “use” button on your keyboard to start using the furnace!

The final way to make a smeltery is using a crafting table. Crafting tables work just like regular blocks and can be placed anywhere in your world. To use a crafting table as a smeltery, first place the ore block into one of the bottom slots, then hit the “use” button on your keyboard to start using it!

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What do you need for tinkers to construct smeltery?

To make a smeltery in Minecraft, you will need the following: A furnace, clay, obsidian, logs, and some coal. You can find a furnace in any building that has anvils. The first thing you need to do is create a clay block using your furnace. Next, add obsidian blocks to the top of the clay block and place your logs on top of that. Now hit the iron button on your furnace and wait for it to heat up. When it’s hot enough place the clay block with the iron inside and let it cook for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove the iron from the clay block and you’re ready to start smelting!

How do you make a smeltery 1.18 1 in tinkers construct?

There are a few ways you can make a smeltery in Minecraft. The simplest way is to build a small room with two furnaces in it, and then fill it with lava. Lava is produced when water falls on hot bedrock, so if you have access to some hot springs or an active volcano, this method will work fine. Another way to make a smeltery is to find an old mine and dig it down until you come to solid rock. Then dig out a chunk of the rock and set up your furnaces there.

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How do you make a 1.16 smeltery?

Making a smeltery in Minecraft is surprisingly simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Place a slab of obsidian next to a water source in your mine and quarry the obsidian. The more obsidian you have, the better quality your smelter will be.

2. Use the blocks above your water source to create a basin, then place lava buckets in the basin to create a heat source.

3. Build a small furnace out of 4 blocks of coal (or other fuel) and place it on top of the lava buckets. The furnace must be no bigger than 2x2x2 blocks or it will not work correctly.

4. Place an iron grate over the top of the furnace and fill it with flint and steel (or other igniting material).

5. Position your ore chunks inside the furnace and let them melt down into metal bars. You can collect these bars as they fall or use anvils to break them down into their component pieces.


If you’re interested in making your very own smeltery, then this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to build a basic smeltery in Minecraft. By following these simple instructions, you’ll be able to produce your iron and steel without having to go out and buy them. So whether you’re looking to create some new weapons or items for your collection, or just want to learn how to make something useful in Minecraft, read on!

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