How to make a .22 Pen gun?

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I saw somebody I knew having one of these pen guns there pretty powerfull and shoot .22 bullets.

The plans for a homemade pen gun or Zip Gun as they’re sometimes called can usually be found online by just using your search engine. Try typing in 22 caliber pen gun plans and see what you get.
That’s my advice. Just make sure you don’t get caught carrying it around. The police sort of frown on that kind of thing.

Pen Gun 22

Really? You are ‘designing’ a pen gun and have no idea what length of barrel to use? And you are not gifted enough in computer technology to google the words ‘pen gun’ and read the specifications on existing models? I would think anyone with a Class 2 manufacturing license would be able to figure this out. Unless you are illegally making one?????

Save yourself the legal trouble- there is a legal pen gun you can buy called the ‘Stinger’- you can find them on auction on
They got around the legality by making it fold in half to roughly resemble a pistol before firing.
They also sell legal flare launchers which look like a pen, but they haven;t been made in many years, so you’d probably have to trawl the auction sites for one of those too. The gun in the video appears to be one of these flare launchers (something like a flare was fired in the second shot). If the guy modified it to shoot bullets illegally- well, is it worth $250,000 and 10 years to you?

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don’t know how to make them , but know , If you are in the United States , “Pen Guns” are considered “Any Other Weapon” by the ATF and possession of one without an approved form 4 and paying the accompanying $5 tax is a Federal Felony punishable by 10 years in Federal pound you in the *** prison and a quarter million dollar fine…
Neat huh?
Not paying a $5 tax is worth 10 years in the pen…… ( Jefferson would be shooting people)

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There illegal in most country’s

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How to make a .22 Pen gun?

Looking to start your own gun collection without breaking the bank? Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to make a .22 Pen Gun! All you need is some household items and a little ingenuity – plus, it’s sure to be a hit with your friends and family!

What you’ll need

To make a . Pen gun, you will need the following materials:

-A pen
-A blade or sharp object
-A cartridge case
-Gunpowder (if using a real gun)

To make the pen gun, first take the pen apart. Remove the barrel and refill it with powder. Screw on the barrel and attach the clip. When you’re ready to shoot, screw on the handle.

The materials you’ll need

To make a . Pen gun, you will need the following materials:

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-A pen
-A ruler
-A knife
-Wire cutters or a hacksaw
-A pencil
-Glue or superglue
-Box cutter or scissors

1. Cut the pen tip off the pen. You can either do this with a knife or wire cutters. Make sure that the end of the pen is dull so that it doesn’t cause any injuries when you shoot it.
2. Cut a piece of paper about 1 inch by 1 inch. This will be the barrel of your . Pen gun.
3. Glue the end of the paper barrel to the top of the pen tip. Make sure that the glue is completely dry before you put the barrel back on the pen tip.
4. Cut another piece of paper about 1 inch by 2 inches. This will be the handle of your . Pen gun.
5. Glue the second piece of paper to the back side of the first piece of paper, so that it looks like a U shape.
6. Drill a small hole near one end of the U-shaped handle

How to make the gun

To make a . Pen gun, you will first need to gather the following materials:

-An empty pen
-A pencil
-A dowel or piece of wood
-An X-Acto knife

1. First, cut the end off of the pen. This will be the barrel of the gun.
2. Next, make a U-shape out of the pencil using the X-Acto knife. Make sure that the U-shape is wide enough to fit inside the barrel of the pen. The wider the U-shape, the better your gun will shoot.
3. Stick the U-shape into the end of the barrel of the pen and push it down so that it fits snugly. Then, use a hammer to gently tap on both sides of the U-shape until it is firmly attached.
4. Finally, screw on the cap to complete your . Pen gun!

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Testing your gun

To make a successful . Pen gun, you’ll need to test it out first. This will help ensure that your gun operates correctly and doesn’t cause any damage.

Before you begin shooting your . Pen gun, be sure to assemble all of the parts correctly. Make sure the barrel is inserted into the pen holder correctly, and make sure the trigger is connected to the firing pin. Once you’re sure everything is in place, it’s time to start shooting!

Be careful when shooting your . Pen gun. It’s possible to shoot yourself or others with it if you’re not careful. Always use caution when handling firearms, and remember that they can be dangerous if not used responsibly.

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