How to Learn Faster

One has to learn new things daily to be more progressive and successful in life. One needs to learn in almost every stage of life be it student life, adult life, or even old age. Learning capacities vary from individual to individual, but effective learning techniques and strategies help a lot to everyone in performing better and achieving better results and can also take a step closure to success in life.

One needs to be more aware regarding what are the real distractions in one’s schedule or life which is stopping an individual from achieving the desired results or success both in life and studies. Distractions may lower the chances of learning faster. Thus to learn a completely new concept, or learn something new and faster one needs fewer distractions and more focus and concentration. Below are a few tips to learn in a faster manner than the usual :

  • Reciting the information out loud
  • Teaching the information to someone else
  • Making self-written notes
  • Having a positive mindset and having faith in one self
  • Taking breaks within learning sessions
  • Improving Sleep cycles
  • Breaking the information into segments
  • Trying new learning techniques

1.Reciting the information out loud

Reciting and repeating the information out loud makes it easier to remember the information. Reading out loud with concentration allows the brain to remember the information. One can read out loud the complete information, a specific sentence, or even difficult words that one cannot remember. This learning technique differs from person to person. But with the help of this technique, one can learn faster and remember it for a long period.

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2.Teaching the information to someone else

One can increase the understanding of a topic or piece of information by teaching it to someone else and even remembering it for a longer time as it remains in a person’s memory. By teaching the information to someone else one can recall the information and explain it in a precise and clear manner can remember faster. While explaining it to someone else one should :

  • Listing down the key points first and then expanding them in-depth
  • Making more charts, diagrams, graphs to learn and then teaching the same to someone else.
  • If there is no one available to teach one can re-teach the information to self.

3.Making self-written notes

Making handwritten notes in the way one is comfortable to learn helps a lot in learning faster. Using different styles like making key point notes, understanding the information with flow charts, diagrams, pictures, graphs, or in any different manner than just reading it. One can use these different techniques in making handwritten notes like :

  • Making timelines of the information if there are a lot of years to remember or for historic references.
  • Using different tools like pencils, markers, highlighters, or pens to make more grasping notes.
  • Pinning the notes or using colourful sticky notes right in front of the study place also helps in learning faster.
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4.Having a positive mindset and having faith in one self

A positive mindset towards every approach in life is always helpful; thus that also helps in studying to the fullest potential. One should not compare oneself to others as every individual have different capabilities and potentials and has complete faith in self while telling self that one can do it. To achieve a positive mindset one can :

  • Keeping the workspace or study space clean, leads to positive thoughts and vibes.
  • Creating a study atmosphere suitable to one taste such as pasting positive slogans, planting indoor plants, decorating the study space to one liking to increase the time of study sessions.

5.Taking breaks within learning sessions

Continuous study sessions can lead to detachment, fatigue, or boredom. Thus taking small breaks or creating break windows among the study sessions can lead to better, quicker, and intriguing study sessions. One can take a break in the form of:

  • Exercising and relaxing both mind and body
  • Yoga sessions
  • Listening to music or playing games
  • Taking a short walk around the surroundings for fresh air or experiencing nature
  • Switching a study place or study corner to break the monotony of the place
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Eating a snack or sipping a beverage

6.Improving Sleep cycles

Making affirmative changes in lifestyle can lead to a healthier body and mind which leads to better concentration and focus thus making it easier and fast to learn anything in life. Taking power naps can also improve the learning ability of a person. Having a healthy sleep cycle of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 8 hours can improve the learning and grasping capacity of the brain.

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7.Breaking the information into segments

Breaking the information into segments make it easier to remember. Studying from long notes or bigger paragraphs or reading too much information at a time lessens the chances to remember it. By reading or learning too much information at a time reduces the interest, making it boring. One should also revise after some time as revision helps in remembering the data for a longer period.

8.Trying new learning techniques

Learning, in the same manner, makes the learning session boring or monotonous. One can always add variations in the learning sessions from time to time. One can try different learning techniques like :

  • One can learn by playing games or through tricks.
  • One can always relate the information to something familiar.
  • One can switch topics or subjects after a certain interval of time.

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