How to Drop Out of College in the UK? – Steps and Considerations

How to Drop Out of College in the UK? Dropping out is a big decision and you must only do it if you are sure about it. There are a lot of factors like family and financial problems due to which you will need to drop out. Though if you are looking to drop out of college you must know what is the process and considerations that you will need to take care of. This article is a guide for you to find out the procedure of dropping out of college and the things that you must consider for dropping out of college.

How to Drop Out of College in the UK?

Dropping out is a very big step, and you must think twice before doing it. Thus it is important to know how you can drop out of college in the UK-

Talking to your parents

If you are thinking of dropping out of college make sure to talk to your parents. Obviously, they will help you in making a decision. Share with them why you do not want to continue with your studies. They may have a solution for you.

Talk to someone you trust

If you do not trust your parents, you can start talking to someone you trust. This means that you can talk to your friends or one of the counselors. Sometimes, your parents are not the ones whom you can trust easily. But you can trust them. 

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Informing your school

Once you are sure that you would want to drop out of college, you will need to inform your school about it. You need to tell them the reason why you would like to drop out of college. When you inform them, they will be informing Student Finance England. They will do that either by sending the email or by directly informing them.

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Actions are taken by Student Finance England

Once your school informs Student Finance England, it will take some actions for you. It will start by withdrawing the funds that they are providing you. They will calculate the number of days you have studied. If there is any difference between the date you informed and the date your school informed Student Finance England, you may be overpaid. However, the amount that you have used now, you will need to pay it back.

What is Student Finance England?

Student Finance England is an organization that not only offers loans for college or university tuition but also offers maintenance loans to help with living expenses. It will offer you more money if you have a limited income or a disability and need more help. This is done to make colleges and universities more accessible to students, regardless of their capacity to advance to a higher level of education.

What amount will you need to pay back after dropping out?

Once the school will inform Student Finance England, they will send you a new agreement which will involve the amount you will need to repay them. The amount involved in it will cover any of the tuition fees or your maintenance fee. It will be calculated after the date you took the loan. Though as already mentioned, you may be overpaid, depending upon the date on which your school will inform Student Finance England.

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What should you consider while dropping out of college in the UK?

You would need to take the following things into consideration while dropping out of college-

Talking to someone you trust

The first thing that you must consider when you are thinking of dropping out is to talk to someone you trusted. This will help you to find out a solution to your problem. 

Inform the school

As already discussed, you will need to inform your school about your reason for dropping out of school. This is important as they need to inform Student Finance England.

What is your second plan?

Whenever you decide to drop out of college, you must have a second plan for yourself. You must know what you will be doing after dropping out. Just remember that you must be productive if you are making this big decision.

If your interest has changed

Many times, your interests would be changed. This means that you may be no more interested in studying the current subject. If this is the case, there is nothing more important than to drop out of the subjects you have already taken.

Can you go back to college after dropping out of the UK?

Reapplying to the same university or the same course is not restricted. In fact, you might have a stronger chance of getting back into the same course because it shows you are committed to the course. This will make sure that you only dropped out because of unexpected circumstances.

Should you drop out of college?

After knowing how you will be dropping out of college and what factors you must consider while dropping out. Now is the time to analyze whether you should drop out of the university or not. Dropping out of college is one of the decisions that you will have to make by yourself.

It will allow you to focus on whatever you want to. In addition to it, you can focus on other parts of your life like focusing a side business that you may have. You can do a lot of things like learning new skills. There may be some other reasons that may be unavoidable for you like having responsibilities for the family. However, you must make sure that you know what to do when you are dropping out.

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When you drop out of college there are some disadvantages as well. Your relatives may think that you are not that capable of completing the course. Dropping out of college also means that you will lose the chance of getting a degree. Thus should you drop out of college only if you want to and have good reasons for it.


Dropping out of college is a big decision in your life. Therefore, it is important to think before making it. There are a lot of reasons for dropping out of college like losing interest, family responsibilities, having a side business, etc. Though you must inform the college about your decision. This is important as they need to inform Student Finance England so that they could calculate the amount that you need to repay them.

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